The Badass Writing Duo

Badass Bio Pic SLisa Creech Bledsoe is a writer, fighter, and marketer. She’s been ghostwriting ebooks (primarily non-fiction women’s interest), and recently decided to start writing under her own name, even though it meant taking a machete to her schedule in order to find the time.

Lisa is also an actively competing boxer, so if she says you can write a book, dammit, you better get serious, ‘cause shit just got real. You can check her out at, where she writes about boxing, rock, and laundry… but mostly boxing.

She also did the site and book cover designs for Badass Writing, while Sonja made the cocktails. They both snort every time they say “cocktails.”

Sonja Foust is an author and blogger. She has several romance novels and short stories published at small presses. Fiction was her first love (like, literally—she loved fiction way before she loved men), but her recent writing has taken her into the blogosphere. Her popular blog chronicles her humorous attempts at trying out pins from Pinterest, usually with hilariously faily results.

Sonja’s other talents include hamming it up in the chorus of Durham Savoyards‘ Gilbert & Sullivan productions, pursuing happiness at her personal blog, and watching The Avengers over and over.

Together we are the dynamic duo of book badassery.

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